— Olive oil knowledge —

Colour of olive oil


The color of olive oil has a very low significance. The color can be any mixture of various qualities clearly demonstrated.

Usually olive oil is yellow or green. Yellow or Green tone can not draw conclusions about flavor or quality.


 flaschen mit blau hiemel



What is fatty acid content?



The fatty acid content is an EU-wide fixed value which divides the olive oil in different quality classes.
The top class is Good "virgin olive oil extra". Here, the fatty acid content must not exceed the value of 0.8 percent.

The fatty acid content of olive oil is Geokreta depending on the harvest always between 0.1 and 0.5 percent and from
Commitment far below the required limit.




Filtered or unfiltered


The olive oil is stored in large steel tanks , where the remaining suspended solids (Tiny residual particles of olive flesh and olive skin) slowly settle to the bottom. This "Settling" is a natural filtering .

It comes through the particulate matter contained in the olive oil to any clouding depending on filling batches.
They is nothing negative, but on the contrary contained in highly depended healthy fat accompanying substances and antioxidants.
In addition retains the olive oil  characteristic flavor.

Most manufacturers of quality olive oils, such as our olive oil will be filtered  after production by means of a fine-mesh metal screen


Ol fliesst von seperator




Green and black olives


All olives are initially green and become darker during the ripening process.
However, there are several olive trees and a corresponding number of olive varieties. These often differ in size and taste.
The big olive suitable due to their high water content hardly the recovery of oil. They often remain when mature green, are more acidic and less aromatic.

The smaller precipitates of the variety, the darker the olive in the ripening process. Because of their higher oil proportion, the smaller olive mostly have  a finer taste.
For our olive oil are used only two varieties Koroneiki and Tsunati  They are both very small and grow in Crete


     Grune Oliven   perfeckte schwartzes oliven



Durability of olive oil


High-quality olive oils, such as olive oil from Geokreta are  long stable .

On the other hand inferior olive oils can upset  after a few months and lose taste. Geokreta  oliveo oil can be opened at least a year without taste loss.


salate mit ol




How much can I heat olive oil?



If it is a high-quality olive oil, you can the oil up to a temperature a maximum of 190 degrees Celsius (° C) for roasting, stewing, middlings, frying and baking use. The monounsaturated fatty acids in a high-quality olive oil remain stable in heat long

At a temperature to 190 ° C all the important fat accompanying substances and antioxidants remain, which make the olive oil so valuable and healthy, contained therein.
The maximum Erhitzbarkeit other Speiseolen and edible fats amounts: Butter 110 ° C, margarine-150 ° C, 160 ° C Maisol, soya and sunflower oil 170 ° C, lard 180 ° C, 220 ° C Rapsol.
A steak you can easily at 160 or 170 ° C Fry. More overheating is not required for the desired rust flavors


.Braten mit olivenöl



Olive oil store in the cold?

The storage in the refrigerator or in cold does not lead to a prolonged shelf life. Olive oil can be flaky at Cold .
However, be warmed to room temperature, the oil without negative consequences again. Storage in a refrigerator is not necessary.




How do I store olive oil is best?


Olive oil should be protected in any case, out of direct sunlight and durable be stored below 24 degrees room temperature.
Especially with larger amounts olive oil, it is recommended to store the oil in opaque containers,  such as canisters or dark glass bottles
The container should be sealed and cleaned completely before re-using.