— Cretan Kitchen —

The Cretan Cuisine,is also often spoken as "Crete diet" and is used in all dishes with vegetables ,meat and fish.



salate mit ol



The Cretan breakfast is usually only coffee, milk, biscuits. The baked goods exclusively use the healthy and high quality Cretan olive oil
Lunch is served rather in Crete, except for celebrations such as Easter and weddings. In the early evening served various appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts and fruit. 
The locals prefer the dinner, which takes place mostly after 21 pm, if not at home,then with the whole family or with friends in a tavern which serving warm meal until after midnight.

Braten mit olivenöl


A major component of the Cretan food is the olive oil which finds application in almost all dishes with vegetables, meat,fish and in salads.Vegetables in Crete include spinach, artichokes,zucchini, okra pods, beans, potatoes, cucumbers,tomatoes and peppers
The most famous Greek salad made of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers ,onions ,olives served with feta cheese covered with oregano spice and olive oil, of course.


                                                               Gemuse und Salat braucht Olivenöl von feinste


Appetizers, known as meze, usually consist seafood, shrimps, mussels,cheese or sausages and served with the aniseed liqueur named ouzo. Typical appetizers are Dolmadakia ,stuffed wine Blatter with rice.



Bauern Salat



A large selection of meat dishes are typical of the Cretan Cuisine. Mainly lamb or chiken but also pork, and veal as grilled, fried or cooked.
More rarely, due to is small population, is served rabbit
The menu of Cretan cuisine offers also a wide variety of different fish dishes. Fresh fish, which is caught in front of the local coast of crete.
Various tasty fish species such as large swordfish, sole, tuna ,sardines but also scampi, small crabs, lobster, octopus,mussels.