— Become a Geokreta resseller —



Become a  Geokreta resseller  and earn  commission 



My name is Papadakis Georgios , I'm the owner of Geokreta Olivenöl with seat in Krete - Greece  and in Germany.

Our company produces and promotes olive oil since 2010 using different trading methods.

This year we decided to introduce a new way of selling our products.


You as  resellers


As a resseler, you can earn money persuading your customers to place orders using our internet page. (www.geokreta.de)




 How to do ?


Just inform us  about your interest to become a reseller.

First we activate your account and then, after  your registration you can start adding new clients  visiting the "Dealers Login in "




How to add new customers ?


Inside  your Dealers Account you have the possibility to "add new customer".

Fill the fields of the panel and   Create the account of your client.


You have now a customer.




How can i  earn ?


Every time your customer makes a order, you take a commission for that amount .Our system recognise every customer of you and his orders.

Using the unique 3 digit dealers Card number we  can securely say that orders cannot be lost  or charged by someone else.

Every order coming in our system from each of your customer is controlled.
Our system informs you immediately with a mail for the new order and your commision amount.Your dealers account is also immediately updated for any change.




If you are interested please contact us.  You  will get further information and help about the system operation.


The orders will be shipped by the Geokreta Olivenöl from   Germany to all Europe so that  you and your  customer do not need carring havy bottles with olive oil. 

Additionally considerably lowers transport costs (up to zero for high-volume orders) because the  shipments are centralized and performed by Transport Services from central europe.




-No extra costs and charges

-No Selling of  products with bar payment
-No Transport and product storage.
-There's No taxes  charges.
-No hidden costs for our partners.
-No  difficulties with  filling complex paper forms.



-Immediate payment of  commission.
-Easy and fast  order entry via our online platform online.
-Always updated information for dealers  in the Account panel for each order and corresponding respectively commission.
-Free Granting product test (olive oil bottles)
-Free Providing promotional material that will help to promote our products.